Caring support during difficult lifestyle changes

We are committed to supporting our patients who are faced with the difficult task of attempting to quit smoking. We understand how hard this habit is to break, particularly for elderly patients who have smoked for many years, and we take special care to address all aspects of this addiction.

Beginning with an in depth initial visit, during which we counsel our patients we recommend a three-pronged approach that address the following issues:
• Habit
• Psychological addiction
• Physical addition

Because the most difficult aspect of cigarette addiction is habit, we discuss the importance of replacing cigarettes with new rituals. This could mean trading the cigarette smoked after a meal for a walk or crossword puzzle. We can easily help patients handle their nicotine addiction through various medicines and nicotine products, and we help them avoid possible side effects from these treatments. We also consider whether their psychological addiction may be a manifestation of a larger problem, such as depression, and offer treatment, when needed.

Specialized Care
We strive to diminish the negative impact of pulmonary disease and its related conditions through accurate, thorough diagnosis and treatment.

Specialized, individual care
Because patients come to us with a variety of concerns, from chronic cough to emphysema, we tailor their care to their individual circumstances and offer the best treatment that will impinge on their regular routine as little as possible. Our staff is committed to supporting our patients through difficult behavior modifications, such as weight loss or smoking cessation, which may be recommended as part of their care.

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